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Hey there ^________^ Junita here... OMG i nearly forgot about this... hahahaha xD so busy this few weeks that's why i haven't been updating... well today is Friday, and usually it's not too depressing... but since Nessa is depressed and i can't really say anything... it made me depressed too TT___TT

Today's update won't be too long though... just want to write about today, i have uploaded new ringtones on my phone courtesy of my dad's laptop and the Nokia PC suite installed there ^_______^ and my beloved mp3 player ^_______^... hahahahaha, i uploaded Phantom, "O" Jeong Ban Hap, Break the Shell, and Fighting Spirit instrumental... since i have all four versions xD hahahahaha

anyway it's all ^___________^ hope to update again soon ^^


Antis on fanboard, Table cleaned 8DDDD

Hey there people ^^ Junita here... just want to post up an entry ^^ before going to sleep ^^ well today i went on the DBSK fanboard twice... once at school and once a couple of hours ago ^^... i left a message, for them... which is a promise to myself and them that i will post a message every single day until... forever ^^... there were some inconsiderate antis... and they have no lives... and they can't spell... IT'S ANNOYING ANTIS get the FUCK off the fanboards SHIT... LOSERS... FUCKTARDS... CUNTS... BLOODY SHITHEADS... BIYATCHES...

well aside from that... i bought two file boxes from Morning glory... for all my papers o_____________O and now my desk is indeed very very clean O_O i am amazed... that my desk could really look neat and tidy for the couple of days following and then i bet it'll get messy again XDDDDDDD ahaha... and i bought mobile jewellery hehehe... to decorate my boring phone... and the shapes of the stickers are hearts XDDDDDDDD... five hearts at the bottom for five Dong Bang and at the back corner says "I <3 JJ" XDDDDDDDDDDD hehehe


Hey people... just want to rejoice about my Japanese Exam that i took two months ago XDDDDDDDDDDD... I PASSEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD YAYYYYYYYYYY... i feel happy for once cause Mrs. McGonigal my English teacher praised me for my miniscule amount of effort to study before this exam XDDDDDDDDD hahaha... i got in, in the mid high 60s YAYYYYYYYY... at least above 50% hahaha...

And i sent off another message on tvxq.com fanboard ^_________________^ this time for Jun Su oppa... tomorrow will be for Yun Ho oppa, Saturday is for YooChun oppa, and lastly Sunday for Chang Min oppa ^^... i will be writing messages everyday for them forever until my fandom die( i don't know when that's gonna be, but hopefully not soon) but even though my fandom die, i'll support them no matter what... even if it means i have to be behind curtains to do so or in secret i don't really mind... i just don't want them to end up like H.O.T.


Hey peoples... Junita here ^^, well since i was bored a few minutes ago... i sent another message on DBSK's fanboard, and i just have to have the habit of sending long messages -----------__________________________---------- hahaha... but it's ok ^^ it was intended for Jae Joong oppa

Oppa's name is confirmed ^^ yayyyyyyyyy ^^ his name is Andy... which is the name that i have been calling him for a few months now ^^ i feel relieved that i have been saying the right name for the past months hahaha

Start of Daylight day... Sleepy Religion

Today is the start of daylight saving TT__________TT less sleep ARGHHHHHHHHH... I've been having a bad day... first Nessa told me that she had got herself DBSK's new album "O" TT_____________TT and i'd been pissed for a half period... because of that

Period 4 was sooooooooooo boring... first off all because it's religion and second because i nearly fell asleep along with Rei and Sabrina... so after Biology, i went home and sleep for 4 hours until 6pm XDDDDDDDDDD... after not singing for a few days... i finally have a chance to sing right now... anyway that's all

Junita signing off


Sheree's and Fifi's B'day party

well today went to Sheree's and Fifi's b'day party ^^... it was fun XDDDDD... we played... musical chairs, newspaper island and we get to hit the pinyata... sorry can't spell XD... anyway... at the party we also played pass the parcel... XDDDDD and i got pretty much the hardest dare ever... and that was say the alphabet backwards XDDDDDDDDD i can't say damnit... we got to eat pizza, listen to music, karaoke and yeahhhhhhhh... played with Benji hahaha... Sheree's aunt's dog... such a darling XDDDDD hehehe

Still can't figure out the password for tvxq.com fanboard... i wish someone know the password... i am desparate to post a message on there TT______TT someone help me